How to stop multiple pinned icons appearing in the taskbar after they have been grouped in Windows 7

Do you have any icons on your taskbar? Are they pinned? When you open the application, does another icon open up in a different area?

Well this was happening to me and driving me nuts, since I already had the setting for taskbar buttons to "Always combine, hide labels"



It turns out this is quite simple to fix. All you have to do, is unpin the application's icon, then open the application. Once the application is open, it will have an icon for it in the taskbar. Right click this icon, and select "Pin this program to taskbar".




Now it will be pinned, and no other icons will open up when you open this application.



Still appearing multiple times? Read on...

I use Eclipse for various projects, and noticed that it was also happening to this application. Even after applying the above, it stubbornly appeared for each instance of Eclipse. There are 2 steps I had to take, in order to get Eclipse to play ball.

  1. Open up the directory where you have the Eclipse executable. Right click the executable (eclipse.exe) and select properties. Click on the compatibility tab and tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box, and make sure Windows Vista is selected in the dropdown. Then click OK.

  2. Open up your Control Panel, and on the top right, ensure large or small icons is selected. Then find the "System" icon, and open it. On the left, click on "Advanced system settings", then click on the "Environment variables" button. In the System variables area, scroll down and find the Path entry, select it and click Edit. You need to prepend the path to your Java Runtime Environment here. In my case it was "D:\AppData\Java\jre7\bin;". Be careful not to forget the trailing ";". Then click OK, OK and close the Control Panel. If you still have the Eclipse icon pinned, unpin it. Now open Eclipse.exe from the application directory, and after you select a workspace, the splash screen disappears, wait for the IDE to load. Once loaded, you can right click the app's icon in the taskbar, and select "Pin this program to taskbar".

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